• Local organic farmers grow all of our produce in season.
  • We have our own “garnish” and herb garden - no pesticides or non organic fertilizers are used.
  • We compost the scraps from all our prep to make an incredible, nourishing fertilizer for our gardens.
  • We recycle glass, plastic, metal, aluminum and cardboard as well as the ashes from our grills.
  • All plastics used at events are biodegradable
    and compostable.
  • We produce and use NO GMO stickers on
    all our mailings
  • We use salmon raised without antibiotics.
  • We use only FairTrade Coffee and Teas.
  • We recycle all cooking oil with two companies - one makes fertilizer and one produces biodiesel fuel.
  • We pay extra to get our power from low impact hydroelectric plants in Maine.