Swan's Way Events
Swan's Way began in 1980 as an innovative restaurant serving international down-home cooking to a devoted clientele. The catering business grew out of that successful start and remains committed to the creative use of fresh local seafood, meats and organic produce.

Our relationships with local farmers go back to those early days as a restaurant and the strength of those ties enable us to have produce grown specifically for us.

Over the course of the winter, we meet with our farmers to discuss our produce needs for the coming events. In addition, many of our cooking herbs and garnishes are grown right here at Swan's Way and many of the flower arrangements that appear at our events come from the Swan's Way garden.

We make sure our exuberance for the beauty, taste and texture of food is reflected in the menus we prepare and the event as a whole.

Our staff is enthusiastic, attentive, professional, and always excited to bring you the best of what the seasons have to offer.